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Installing Scaffolding in Wallington and the Surrounding Areas

It is important for domestic and commercial clients to rely on professional scaffolding companies to install any scaffolding frames needed for building projects at their Wallington property. Our fully-qualified team of scaffolding erectors are experts at assembling a wide range of platforms and towers. We recommend designs for repairs and construction work to be carried out safely and effectively. There are many components that are required to set up scaffolding hire equipment, which are inspected and maintained throughout the rental period as part of our scaffolding services.

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Assembling and Dismantling Scaffolding

  • We follow strict safety procedures, which includes wearing hard hats, high-visual vests, protective eyewear and gloves at all times
  • Our scaffolding erectors will assemble the scaffolding design which has been agreed upon, following the survey of the Wallington site
  • Ladders and hand rails will be added to the scaffolding platforms to provide safe and easy access to the Wallington property
  • Scaffolding sites will be fitted with secure netting to protect the safety of workers, site visitors and members of the public
  • Once the scaffolding hire equipment has been secured, scaffolding companies will undertake an inspection of the frame, which includes testing movable platforms for transporting workers and building materials to different heights

Scaffolding Hire Components


Our scaffolding services include assembling steel or aluminium poles and tubes, which can be cut to any size. Couplers are usually made from pressed steel or zinc-plated, which join the scaffolding poles and tubes at right angles to strengthen the structure. The team of scaffolding erectors will recommend the pole and tube material best suited to the work being carried out at your Wallington property, depending on size of the job, the type of scaffolding services required (supported, suspended or mobile), the number of workers accessing platforms at any given time and the scaffolding hire period.



  • Scaffolding erectors set up standards, which are vertical poles to secure the scaffolding platforms, running from the ground to the height of the frame
  • Ledger boards or braces can be fitted across the standards either horizontally or vertically, which distribute the weight for builders to manoeuvre safely throughout the Wallington property
  • Transoms help to reinforce the ledgers and the scaffolding framework, in addition to keeping the standards in position

Protecting Scaffolding Materials

Materials for scaffolding hire are subject to a lot of wear and tear. As scaffolding is made up of so many components, it is vital that scaffolding companies carry out regular safety inspections at properties in Wallington and the surrounding areas. Our scaffolding services include full inspections of scaffolding equipment before, during and after every job we manage.

Steel or aluminium parts can be subject to oxidisation and corrosion. Due to the geometric designs of scaffolding structures which make them sturdy, it is important to maintain the condition of each connecting component to prevent any weak links. Scaffolding companies ensure all scaffolding materials are cleaned and painted to avoid corrosive damage.

If you’re searching for scaffolding companies to manage superior installation at your domestic or commercial property in Wallington or the local area, call 07973 452 239.