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Materials for Scaffolding in Epsom and the Local Areas

Domestic and commercial clients in Epsom and the surrounding areas will require different scaffolding services to suit the type of construction or maintenance work at their property. Scaffolding companies, such as our own, will provide expert scaffolding erectors to install the right kind of structure you need, from supported scaffolding platforms to suspended or mobile scaffolding hire.


On this page, clients can learn more about the different types of scaffolding jobs and the advantages to using steel or aluminium parts for scaffolding hire.

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Different Scaffolding Requirements

There are different designs for scaffolding hire that clients in Epsom can choose from, with options recommended by scaffolding companies during initial site surveys. There are also varying levels of construction jobs at domestic and commercial properties, depending on the type of work that is required:


  • Small scaffolding jobs, generally for light repair work to the roofline (such as repairing fascias, soffits, guttering), carried out by one or two workers with hand tools
  • Medium size jobs, which can involve construction works and repairs, with multiple builders accessing the scaffolding platforms and transferring materials
  • Heavy-duty scaffolding services with reinforced scaffolding installations, providing additional support for construction teams at larger sites in and around Epsom, with hand tools and building materials that are stored on the scaffolding hire frames

Steel and Aluminium Scaffolding Hire

Most scaffolding towers and platforms supplied by scaffolding companies are made of galvanised steel or aluminium tubes, with timber boards for builders to transport materials and access your Epsom property easily. The scaffolding erectors are qualified to set up both steel and aluminium structures for different scaffolding designs, such as supported scaffolding (when the platforms are attached to the ground and property wall) or suspended scaffolding hire (when the platform is installed above the ground, usually secured outside higher storey window).

Advantages of Steel Scaffolding

  • Steel platforms can be installed and removed by scaffolding erectors quickly and safely, limiting disruption at residential and commercial properties in Epsom
  • The scaffolding material has a long lifespan and is an environmentally-friendly alternative to timber, which can warp
  • Steel scaffolding hire is extremely fire resistant and the likelihood of damage resulting from extreme weather, such as strong winds or rain, is reduced
  • Safe for scaffolding services that are needed to carry out repair or renovation work at different heights
  • Scaffolding companies can easily insulate steel frames to prevent electrical hazards, which will be fitted by skilled scaffolding erectors during the assembly process

Benefits of Aluminium Scaffolding

  • Scaffolding companies require less labour for handling and transporting aluminium scaffolding, which is energy-efficient for both domestic and commercial clients in Epsom
  • Scaffolding parts can be transported to different areas of the property or different construction sites, making aluminium extremely portable
  • Easy and efficient for scaffolding erectors to assemble and dismantle in short periods of time
  • Ideal for Epsom clients who require suspended scaffolding hire or mobile scaffolding services, due to the lightweight aluminium material
  • Resilient to cracks and wear, in comparison to fibreglass or timber substitutes
  • Potential damage to the exterior of your Epsom property and the surrounding site is dramatically reduced
  • Aluminium scaffolding is 100 per cent recyclable

For friendly and reliable scaffolding services, available to domestic and commercial clients in Epsom and the surrounding areas, call 07973 452 239.