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Commercial Scaffolding Hire in Banstead, Epsom and Wallington

If you require scaffolding hire at your commercial property in Banstead, Epsom, Wallington or the surrounding London, Surrey, Kent and Sussex areas, our expert scaffolding erectors are fully-qualified to help. We’ll assemble different scaffolding designs which are vital components for builders to complete office renovations, shop maintenance and industrial repair work. We are one of the top scaffolding companies to provide commercial scaffolding services at highly competitive prices.

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Services from Commercial Scaffolding Companies

We offer a wide-range of scaffolding services, carried out by experienced scaffolding erectors, to benefit any kind of construction work taking place at your property in Banstead, Epsom, Wallington or the nearby locales. Our aim is to deliver a strong and reliable infrastructure, which will help reduce the amount of disruption to your workplace and keep construction or maintenance projects within budget, without exceeding your desired timeframe.


Our team of scaffolding erectors ensure the scaffolding structures we set up meet the high standards of quality and safety we are known for by our loyal client base. This is determined by regular maintenance inspections and risk assessments, which are key areas of our scaffolding services that commercial clients in Banstead, Epsom, Wallington and the surrounding areas can expect from us.


Scaffolding services include an initial survey of your commercial property to ascertain the scaffolding hire equipment needed for the job. The scaffolding erectors who assemble the platforms are skilled to set up and break down any type of scaffolding design in a fast and efficient manner.

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Different Types of Scaffolding Hire


Scaffolding companies commonly recommend this style for stone and brickwork jobs at commercial properties in and around Banstead, Epsom and Wallington. This scaffolding structure is attached to the wall and ground for maximum support.



This cantilever design is better suited to undertake any work conducted at higher storeys or to provide an elevated platform over structural obstacles. Suspended trestle scaffolding can be raised and lowered outside your Banstead, Epsom or Wallington property, which scaffolding companies recommend for cleaning windows, decorating or property maintenance duties.



This is a versatile mode to transfer materials and tools to other areas of the site or to other properties in Banstead, Epsom or the Wallington area. This enables commercial clients to complete repair or refurbishment jobs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This is highly recommended by scaffolding erectors to transport equipment from scaffolding companies such as our own!



When you are working on your commercial project, temporary roofing materials are typically required for dust, weather and environmental protection. Our scaffolding erectors will set up temporary roof designs, which include securing reinforced tin, corrugated iron or polyethylene shrink-wrap sheets to scaffolding beams.



An important element of all scaffolding hire is ensuring your staff is kept safe with edge-protection measures in place, especially at high-level sites with multiple workers and elevated platforms in Banstead, Epsom, Wallington, London, Surrey, Kent and the Sussex areas. Our scaffolding erectors will survey the property and set up safety guard rails, preventing injuries and falls. We will also inspect these during the length of the scaffolding hire period.

For scaffolding companies which provide superior commercial services at properties in Banstead, Epsom, Wallington and the surrounding areas, call 07973 452 239.